31 May , 2017  


Teknion designs furniture that works across boundaries, products that fit within any architectural envelope and work culture. Our furniture works wherever you work.

Teknion is a little bit different.

We are more approachable, more open to collaborative investigation, more focused on the right solution for each client.

True vertical integration gives Teknion the ability to control every element of production, reduce costs and ensure prompt delivery. It gives free rein to creativity, allows for extraordinary custom designs, and offers exceptional flexibility on how orders are organized around your needs and expectations.

Adjustments others call “specials” are just the way we work.

What's New

Around Guest Seating

Teknion has expanded the Around offering with guest and casual meeting seating. The new seating is ideal for multiple applications including workstation environments, private offices and traditional reception areas.

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Regional Offices

Regional Offices

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