From Tall to Stout – A List of Stools & High Chairs

Invented for enhanced functionality for artisans and family folk, stools and high chairs today do more and splash aesthetic accents to a space. Perfect for optimum space utilisation, they allow designers to play with scale dynamics. Also used as statement pieces and artistic additions, you can never go wrong with them. Whether you seek a bold statement piece or a subtle accent, each selection in this spotlight has been chosen for its ability to resonate with various design preferences.

Subtle sophistication, anywhere.

Designed by Christophe Pillet, this stool is enveloped in an air of elegance. While its embracing curved lines exude a visual allure, its beech plywood backrest gives it a timeless appeal. The legs of the SENA stool are made of solid oak or walnut, adding to its charm. Its adaptable style can be further enhanced through varied upholstery, making it a refined choice for diverse settings.

Truly iconic.

For those seeking a narrative that endures trends, the Icon Stool beckons. Radiating a distinct coolness, it features a tubular steel back ring with an organic profile. Crafted with Mara’s production genius, the stool can accentuate different design styles like industrial, minimalistic or contemporary. For a truly captivating design statement, consider pairing the Icon Stool with contrasting colours for its frame and cushion.

A sculpture or a stool?

In a league of its own, Stool 60 effortlessly eclipses its counterparts with a seat surface adorned in vibrant hues, capable of captivating even the most nonchalant observer. This Finnish stool’s simple and stackable geometrical design makes it perfect for creating a classic spiralling tower. Crafted with 42 intricate production steps, designers could consider creating a dynamic and eye-catching arrangement by incorporating multiple stools in varied colours.

A lightweight stool; a heavyweight design.

As Steelcase says, LessThanFive Stool describes stools in an “entirely new lightness.” Michael Young and Coalesse designed this stool completely out of carbon fibre, allowing a cantilevered seat to balance over an x-shaped footrest. It weighs less than 2.3 kg and has a sustainable design framework. Its minimalist design and sophisticated palette infuse a sense of quiet elegance into any space you choose. It’s perfect to pair with vibrant drapes, carpets or even outdoors.

A gust of Mediterranean air.

With a name inspired by the island of Capri, Italy, the high stool embodies the very essence of the Mediterranean seascape. Fluid lines form the base and the centre of this stool which is suitable for the outdoors and indoors. Crafted from galvanised with a polyester powder coating, its cushion can be upholstered in a myriad of coastal hues. This stool transforms any setting into a tranquil haven when used with a complementing colour palette and natural elements.

Blossoming elegance.

Inspired by the nuanced beauty of nature, each symmetrical piece mirrors the delicate growth of budding flowers and branches. Sprout is ideal for all kinds of settings, from workplaces to cafes. It boasts sturdily constructed metal bases customisable in various Teknion paint colours, offering designers a canvas to bring visions to life with Luum Textiles’ upholstery options. 

It’ll make you look twice.

A high chair with mid-century modern aesthetics and science-backed ergonomics, this piece by Herman Miller focuses on high-performance seating, prioritising comfort. With a natural recline that moves with you, it has an optional 3D Knit that slides into the shell tool-free. With 20 textile colour options for its cushion, its shell and base offer eight colour options. The best part? This eco-friendly chair is crafted from 50% post-consumer recycled content.

Timeless, friendly and warm.

Sporting a natural design that blends well with any design theme, the VARYA stool has a transversal, refined and timeless spirit. Crafted with natural wood veneers, this collection can create cosy environments instantly. Designers can elevate their narratives by pairing the stool with chairs, armchairs, and benches from the same collection, achieving a harmonious and cohesive aesthetic. These could be used in tandem with elements made from other materials for a textural variety or lighting fixtures that complement the chair.

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