Craft A Chill Zone: Lounge Furniture

Across cultures, the gentle art of extending an invitation to “take a seat” embodies a universal gesture of welcome and communion. Likewise, the timeless phrase “Let’s sit down together” beckons a shared moment of connection and understanding. Sitting is more than a posture, it’s the act of relaxing and taking the world in. We’ve evolved from sitting cross-legged and squatting to lounging today. Here’s an opportunity to go to the next step with this curated list of lounge chairs and sofas that are every designer’s dream come true – comfort, luxury, and unparalleled opulence.

A sensory experience.

Crafted with a light aesthetic, contoured surfaces, organic lines, comfortable upholstery and a tactile armrest, Kato makes for a delightful sensory experience ideal for lounging. It can be used seamlessly in domestic or commercial settings and has a timeless appeal. Its signature timber design has luxurious wood grain textures, showcasing traditional woodworking artistry fused harmoniously with cutting-edge timber shaping technology. Kato is an emblem of choice and elegance and is envisioned in the noble hues of oak and walnut.

When sitting feels like heaven.

Much like the character it is named after, this collection could be enchanting, like a genie lamp transforming any space. Offering the ultimate comfort with its sinuous, embracing shapes and variable density flexible foam padding, Aladdin is a handcrafted sofa with a wooden frame that works well in all kinds of spaces. Conceptualised by experienced Italian designer Leonardo Rossano, the collection can be upholstered in an impressive and diverse colour palette.

Feels like an embrace.

Within the embrace of the BomBom collection lies a promise fulfilled, a manifestation of every expectation one could harbour for a lounge chair – softness, smoothness, fluffiness. Its soft, cold foam padding feels cosy, while its enveloping frame provides stability. Ideal for lounge areas in domestic and commercial settings, the versatile BomBom collection can be upholstered in various colours and have different hues on the inside and the outside.

Really, get lucky!

Moroso’s extraordinary design for Getlucky is sure to grab attention. A testament to curvilinear elegance, this armchair transcends mere furniture, becoming the lyrical vessel that enriches a space’s design language. Patricia Urquiola designed this minimalist lounge chair to experiment with binary geometry with successful results. The chair’s soft backrest and indulgently plush seat orchestrate a symphony of comfort, transforming any lounge area into an artistic tableau. Choose from a range of vivid colours.

Build your own composition for the outdoors.

Arki Sofa Plus is a stunning sofa that increases the plushness of the outdoors with a touch of elegance. Its modular design offers a canvas for customisation, allowing for bespoke compositions that echo diverse design themes. Wrapped in a waterproof lining swathed in outdoor fabric, this masterpiece is adorned with polyurethane foam padding and cosy, geometrically shaped cushions. Available in options of with or without armrest. 

Infusing the vibe of the city with comfort.

Reflecting the vibrant soul of New York, Quinti’s collection epitomises modernity and modularity. It offers large dimensions and minimal aesthetics with corner and two-seat elements to create a custom composition in different shapes. Pick from a vast choice of flame-retardant coverings with padded cushions of variable densities and goose-down feathers. What seems like a simple sofa unveils an expanse of elaborate possibilities, inviting exploration into realms of personalised luxury. Create a lounge area instantly in all kinds of spaces.

Lounge chairs that are synonymous with an escape. 

Take 5’s pillowed shapes and curved armrests are inviting and uber-comfortable. Its thoughtful architecture includes space beneath the armrests, ensuring expanded legroom. At the same time, a flat top is a versatile surface for a laptop, notebook, or comforting beverage.  Choose from single, two-seater and three-seater sofas styled in an exquisite mid-century aesthetic. It can also be fitted with power and USB outlets for added functionality. The range also offers matching ottomans, coffee tables and side tables, not just for lounging but for crafting an entire ambience.

A plush bloom.

Mimicking a flower waiting to bloom, Petal by Studio TK embodies the essence of nature, especially with its fluidity. It boasts an organic, curvilinear design with an exposed oak veneer plywood base, an auto-return swivel disc base, and a four-leg metal base in various finishes. Use it as an accent piece or a standalone focal point in a space of your choice to elevate its design concept. Consider pairing it with complementary furniture to create a harmonious ensemble that invites conversation and relaxation.

A cocoon of cosiness.

An intriguing take on contemporary conical seat forms, Conic is an eye-catching armchair, ideal for creating lounge areas that make a statement. It is refreshing and extraordinary, its masterfully designed shape and form offer maximum comfort levels. Whether nestled within minimalist or eclectic settings, its allure remains constant. It is an embodiment of comfort and artistry that defies convention. Available in two shapes with detailed upholstery and varied colours, it blends beautifully with any design style. 

It makes waiting worthwhile.

A dual-colour, soft-shelled lounge chair that makes every lounge area burst with vibrancy. Its perfect seating height of 43 cm is a quintessential addition to craft inviting spaces. crona lounge offers various customisation options, with a choice of an easy chair and a sofa in different backrest heights and swivel or steady bases. The addition of a seat cushion enhances the relaxation within this comfortable lounge shell, while a horizontal separating seam elevates the upholstery’s texture, adding an intriguing visual detail.

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