Office in the Woods

Workspaces that are the right blend of tradition and innovation stand out from the rest. We’ve handpicked a list of products with impressive technology, classic wooden finishes, and acoustic excellence that help achieve that and create an environment that fosters productivity, creativity, and well-being at offices. Get inspired and craft a design story where every element preaches and practices sustainability and helps you bring your A-game when it comes to aesthetics, too.

Dashing and Danish.

The MAT collection presents a stunning array of contemporary shell bar stools, armchairs, and chairs of various heights, each embodying the essence of innovation and circular design principles. Crafted with hemp and eelgrass, which are naturally captivating and tactile, every piece in this collection is a testament to craftsmanship and uniqueness. The chair blends perfectly well with a coastal, minimalistic, or Scandinavian design style. Consider adding elements made from natural materials to achieve a cohesive look for a workplace.

Eco-friendly illumination.

An amalgamation of sustainability and technological innovation, this luminaire’s profiles are made from a recyclable and compostable biopolymer. An evolution of the brand’s Supertube light, this version is sophisticated and timeless with its monochromatic colour scheme. Adding an earthy yet warm touch to a workspace when turned on, the luminaire’s remote-controlled smart lighting offers 80% energy savings, and its PIR sensors help it light up per need and presence. Four different diffusers preserve the natural colours of the room’s design elements, with upward and downward lighting options.

Sustainable and stylish.

BASWA Natural blends eco-friendly recycled glass granules with superb sound absorption, offering sustainable materials and acoustic functionality. Made from natural hemp fibres and a final coating of recycled marble, this option stands as the pinnacle for crafting acoustic ceilings, walls, and plaster systems within workspaces. Designers can select from its unlimited colour selection to integrate it with any design theme.

Ergonomic and iconic.

DUAL is a work desk everyone needs. Its integrated height-adjustable system, whisper-quiet remote-controlled lifting movement, and intuitive digital height display with four memory functions elevate it to a realm of smart design. Supported by four motorised metal columns, its sleek rectangular wooden top exudes understated style. Position the furniture to the right or left of the user’s sitting position to optimise functionality and flow within the workspace. Task lighting, artwork, and plants can complement the piece well.

The power chair.

Inspired by aesthetics, practicality, and semantics, Clip offers an executive wing chair and a guest armchair upholstered in elegant saddled leather with solid walnut Canaletto wood armrests. Choose from three wood shades to complement your design narrative and infuse it with functional elegance. The bronze-coloured base, castors, and connecting structure exude a natural effect, harmonising effortlessly with the overall design.

The beauty of wood at work.

Built by a brand known for its mastery of woodwork, Reff Profiles’ private workstations are dynamic and epitomise modernity. Each classic wooden workstation can be personalised, making it a canvas of expression for designers.  From intimate solo offices fostering deep concentration to versatile shared spaces fostering collaboration and even multi-use setups accommodating various work modes seamlessly, Knoll’s innovative design approach is visually captivating.

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