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JMM is more than a furniture company; we're pioneers in shaping the future of exclusive spaces, embracing a versatile approach that allows our clients to express their unique personalities. With a remarkable legacy spanning over 125 years, JMM stands as a symbol of expertise, showcasing timeless design and masterful craftsmanship. Our commitment goes beyond mere functionality, representing a journey marked by continuous evolution and an unwavering dedication to creating inspiring environments. Our team embodies a diverse spectrum of creative minds and proactive individuals. We are dedicated to continually reimagining what's possible in the realm of design. This spirit of innovation not only defines our products but also extends to our practices, reinforcing our pledge to leave a positive impact on the world.

Team members:


Jose Martinez Medina

CEO/Owner of JMM.

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Commercial Director

Samer Shuman

Commercial Director at JMM.

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Business Development Manager

José Martínez-Medina Ferrer

Business Development Manager at JMM.

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Export Support

Jessica Sierra

Export Support at JMM.

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