Out In the Wild: Outdoor Furniture

Feature Image: The Arts Club, Dubai by Dimorestudio; Photograph by: Ingrid Rasmussen

What’s the one universally advocated vital aspect for our well-being? Nature: soaking in sunlight, wandering through forests, or anything else one might like. Despite the busy nature of our lives that may not let us rejuvenate, there is still hope. And that hope lies in outdoor furniture design – one that allows you to have an escape, a haven or is just pleasing to the eyes. Let’s dive in.

No nonsense.

Drawing from the ethos of rationalist and constructivist architecture, the Garda Lounge Sofa prioritises comfort and lightness over ornamental details. Its contemporary design seamlessly adapts to various settings, guaranteeing timeless appeal with clean lines, inviting warmth, and functional simplicity. Choose from an interesting palette of colours for the frame, sling, and cushion to complement the outdoors.

The good old bench 2.0.

CASUAL is a weatherproof bench with comfortable upholstery and stable tubular construction, perfect for holding conversations over coffee or unwinding at the end of a long day. Available in high and low variants, with single or double bench options, this modular furniture effortlessly integrates into balconies or any outdoor area. The addition of a connection leg enables seamless linking of all elements. With its chic and minimalistic design, CASUAL epitomises modern elegance.

That pop of colour.

The MALLORCA stool is a true eye-catcher, blending sleekness, style, and exceptional durability. Powder-coated with polyester and crafted from galvanised steel, it’s perfect for outdoor use to create functional seating that is aesthetically pleasing, too. Not only is it 100% recyclable and stackable, but it also offers cushioned seating for added comfort. Take your pick from 30+ frame and upholstery colours.

A charm that cannot be missed.

Evoking the charm of vintage garden chairs, Raff is a sophisticated and lightweight ensemble comprising two chairs and a table that seamlessly blends form and function. Bridging rustic, contemporary, and traditional design elements, the Raff set harmonises beautifully with natural decor accents like plants. The set is UV and weather-resistant and is injected with fibreglass and polypropylene. Available with or without cushions, you can choose from six timeless colours.

A compliment in itself.

Named ‘Sunmoon’ for its celestial appeal, this gazebo is truly exceptional. Whether you’re lounging in the daytime or stargazing at night, it seamlessly integrates into any design theme. Crafted from lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly materials such as hand-woven synthetic fibre, acrylic fabric upholstery, and aluminium, its intricate play of lines and light captivates attention. Choose from nine structure colours and seven hues for the roof and curtains.

The unusual in the usual.

Literally, the best of both worlds, the Hopper Combo has a bench on one side and chairs that can be pulled out on another to suit everyone’s tastes. Its mono-material table is designed for maximum flexibility, featuring open sides that effortlessly accommodate wheelchairs or child seats. Available in a range of colours, the Hopper Combo AA effortlessly complements any setting. For an impressive outdoor setup, pair it with the Sensu shade by the brand.

A fresh breath of character.

Exquisitely crafted through a meticulous roto moulding process, this curvaceous vase embodies warmth, sophistication, and the poetic vision of its designer, Marcel Wanders. Created for outdoor spaces, the planter can be enhanced with remote-controlled RGB LED lights to elevate its allure. Available in three sizes and a spectrum of colours, this giant modern vase can be a focal point for any design theme or make a great vase composition with attractive plants.

Like a pebble that speaks.

Adell, with its smooth, pebble-like contours and the softness reminiscent of moss, is a tribute to nature’s serenity and sustainability. Crafted from 80% recycled polypropylene, its low, rounded curves and plush yet supportive design offer a welcoming outdoor retreat. With options like different shells, upholstery choices, and base configurations, Adell merges style with eco-consciousness. Pair it with elements made from organic materials or textured rugs to complete the look.

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