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Furniture that is as flexible as your lifestyle, adjustable in height and adaptable to every occasion: meet AMAi, a true marvel of multifunctionality.




Extremis HQ - Belgium Couthoflaan 20b 8972

“Create nothing unless it is both necessary and functional. And if this is the case, do not hesitate to make it beautiful.” This principle, always adhered to by the Shaker communities, perfectly sums up what Extremis does.

Extremis does not aspire to simply put beautiful outdoor furniture on the market. Extremis makes 'tools' that make life better. More pleasant. These tools must always be functional. And above all always better than the products already available. In Extremis’ designs every single aspect is the fruit of careful consideration. And each design is always a feast for the eye. Extremis has a mission: combining intelligent design based on Flemish common sense with our famous Burgundian lifestyle.

How? By creating a whole range of extraordinary outdoor furniture uniting exceptional functionality and timeless design. The result? Much more than just a furniture range: a lifestyle that brings people together.

That lets them enjoy life together. The slogan 'Tools for togetherness' has not been chosen randomly.