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Founded in 1961, Resol manufactures products with high added value in design, innovation and technology. With clients in over 110 countries, such as the USA, France, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Mexico, the Arab Emirates or Brazil.

Innovation and knowhow are added to the idea of dressing spaces with beauty to make people’s original dreams come true. Thus Resol is synonymous with “Dress Your Space.” The signature of internationally recognised designers, and the gaining of awards such as the IF Gold Design Award 2021 for the Ikona chair, close the circle.

Resol actively pursues a more sustainable and eco-friendly business approach, exemplified by the introduction of the "Green Edition" product line, comprised entirely of 100% recycled materials. Emphasizing responsible water usage and a commitment to avoiding hazardous chemicals during production, Resol minimizes its environmental impact. The focus on recycling not only reduces pollution but also ensures responsible waste management, with a strict policy against dumping waste into water sources. This holistic approach to sustainability is embedded in every aspect of Resol's operations.

Team members:

Export Manager

Diana Maria Broancas

Export manager at Resol EMEA.

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Customer Service

Emília Maiz

Customer Service at Resol.

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