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In a strategic move, Resol aligns with Love That Design to bloom across diverse sectors – habitat, hospitality, hotels, infrastructure, and offices. Showcasing commitment, Resol unveils new showrooms in South Africa and KSA, fostering an ever-deepening connection with the Middle East.

Resol’s journey began in 1985 with a single chair. It has evolved into a global storyteller, filling countless spaces with life, innovation, and individuality. Resol sees spaces as more than just physical surroundings. Each space is a blend of social interaction and personal sanctuary, a universal connection that demands individual identification. This understanding is the foundation of Resol’s success, encapsulated in the simple yet profound mantra – “Dress your space!”

Plans for growth in the region (Middle East and Africa)

Driven by a longstanding dedication to the Middle East and Africa, Resol’s collaboration with Love That Design represents a strategic decision to amplify the brand’s prominence. The objective is clear: to establish a formidable presence in key projects encompassing habitat, hospitality, hotels, infrastructure, and offices. In line with this vision, Resol has inaugurated new showrooms, strategically positioned in South Africa (Cape Town and Johannesburg) and KSA (Jeddah). These additions, complemented by existing showrooms like the one in Egypt (Cairo), strategically align with Resol’s expansion goals in the Middle East market.

Resol is also gearing up for some exciting milestones. First on the agenda is participation in the renowned Salone del Mobile in Milan, where innovative products will take centre stage. Following this, the brand will grace the “Fiesta & Design” networking event in Dubai in June, promising a showcase of news, events, and additional product launches.

The Anthea Collection from Resol

The Brand’s Secret Sauce

Resol’s secret sauce is a mix of great design, usefulness, and a strong focus on being eco-friendly. Resol has transcended the realm of mere furniture, evolving into a brand with a comprehensive catalogue that serves as a design philosophy, breathing vitality into diverse spaces worldwide. Theirs is a story of growth, creativity, and a commitment to making spaces beautiful and sustainable. 

“At Resol, we want to define what the spaces of the future will be like, both exterior and interior, with innovative, sustainable, and high-quality solutions.”

– Ignasi Franquesa, Managing Director, RESOL

Innovation and expertise are intricately woven into their concept of embellishing spaces to actualise individual visions. This ethos is encapsulated in Resol’s association with “Dress Your Space.” The brand has garnered prestigious accolades such as the IF Gold Design Award 2021 for the Ikona chair, firmly establishing Resol as a trailblazer in design innovation.

The Woody Collection from Resol

Innovation and Ecological Responsibility

Resol distinguishes itself through a steadfast commitment to ecological responsibility, adding an additional layer to its uniqueness. Anchored by the motto, “We want to be part of the future, which we do by working in the present, expanding our portfolio with the utmost respect for sustainability,” Resol implements cross-cutting sustainability initiatives such as the #Greenthinking project. This initiative is focused on diminishing new plastic usage, substituting it with recycled post-consumer polypropylene, culminating in a circular economy model underscored by Gritek®, a proprietary formula of exceptional quality.

The Binni Collection from Resol

Crafting Distinctive Spaces

Focused on design solutions that marry creativity with universal appeal, Resol provides customers with diverse options to transform any space into a distinctive and inspiring haven. Their collaboration with Love That Design signifies a strategic leap towards design excellence in the Middle East and Africa. With a clear vision, exciting plans, and a commitment to innovative design, Resol stands poised to redefine spaces and inspire the future.

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19 March, 2024

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