For Luxe Office Break-Out Spaces

Feature Image: Office, London by Modus Workspace; Photography credits: Tom Fallon Photography

Break-out rooms augment workspaces by providing a nook for the ‘human-ness’ of working. These are dedicated spaces where employees would want to unwind or interact during a buzzing day. Which makes it paramount for them to be spaces they WANT to go to! A lot has been said about how break-out rooms increase engagement and productivity, so we will add a little to the ‘how’ part of it. And that’s a no-brainer! It’s through a remarkable design theme that offers a bit of an escape with oodles of luxury. 

Explore these aesthetically masterful products with a splash of eclecticism that can transform your break-out spaces straight out of utopia. 

A fine pairing of luxury and durability.

If you’re looking for a vinyl flooring solution that is a combination of lavish, versatile and aesthetic, Palettone PUR is all you need. Meticulously crafted in 50 colours with complementary toned highlights, its understated charm impresses many. Built for heavy traffic areas with its cross-linked polyurethane reinforcement and UV curing, it also offers polish-free maintenance and 100% recyclability, bringing the best of all worlds.

Old is gold, and so is wood.

Bring warmth and unparalleled elegance with this engineered European oakwood flooring solution by Hakwood, a global leader in high-end wooden flooring and wall tiles. Crafted with the innovative DuoPlank® technology, Drift gives a raw, natural wood appeal with a smooth finish and uncompromising quality. Available in three patterns and five grades, its less prominent grain, rich texture and neutral tan colour lend an authentic character to your workspaces.

Bringing nature indoors.

Add a splash of green to your break-out spaces and infuse rejuvenation with Canvas – a combination of real plant and moss compositions that create a living masterpiece. Requiring no lighting and zero maintenance, this eco-chic, carefully crafted green wall can recreate the feeling of being outdoors indoors. Make your walls breathe with these completely customisable pieces with hand-harvested, anti-static and naturally sustainable plants and moss that can be great conversation starters. 

Flexible luminaires, fantastic lustre.

Perfect for spaces with high ceilings, the suspended pendants by Ateljé Lyktan can be arranged in any shape of your choice with its four-way connection block. Its flexibility comes from its simplicity and super-easy installation. A culmination of decades of design experience, VAULT is made of an extruded aluminium frame (available in multiple colours) with a light opening in opal acrylic glass. Illuminate your break-out spaces literally and figuratively.

A crystal flutter.

What can inspire more than a hand-blown crystal flock of birds sitting elegantly in the centre of your space? The six colour variations of this artsy piece help it blend into a design theme of your choice, acting as a consistent catalyst for creativity. Known for its bespoke architectural installations, Sans Souci has outdone itself by adding an air of sophistication to your ceilings. Designed by Jiri Krisica, WINGS is an epitome that sheds light on what crystal, glass and metal can do. 

Regal illumination.

A nod to Art Decó style and nature, the blue, mauve and burgundy tones of Winter, from Lladro’s Seasons Collection create a mesmerising display of light, depicting the changing phases of the seasons. Much like the season’s snow itself, the chandelier uses suspended sparkling glass intricately woven in porcelain to transform your ceiling into a magical oasis. Mimicking leafy vegetation, this expressive and versatile piece can become the focal point of your design concept, instantly uplifting the mood. 

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