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A3Cube Office, Ahmedabad

1002, Binori B Square 2, Opp. Hathising ni Vadi, Iscon Road, Ambli, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380054, India

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A3 Cube Events is an event management company housed in Ahmedabad, India. With its focal ideology of creating luxurious events, the project brief for Designer’s Circle called for designing an innovative workplace that promotes collaboration, workplace wellness and work style flexibility.

The workspace comprises of a reception area, two private cabins, workstations, conference room as well as breakout and small recreational zones that inhabit an open bar lounge and an enclosed lounge.  Interiors were designed to keep people and ideas flowing freely across a high-performing workplace. The interiors reflect the A3 Cube’s work culture, where formal and informal as well as individual and group working spaces thrive in a setting that promotes collaborations and social interactions.

The entire space was kept light and lively through a neutral palette of beige and grey with pops of color to liven it up as it was indeed a creative event management agency. The natural textures dominated the spaces through rattan ceiling, textured walls, oak wood furniture and grey speckled flooring. The reception area welcomes visitors to sheerness of the contemporary styled office. The informal bar lounge is boisterous and spacious enough for visitors and working members to take a break and relax. Tessellated geometric tile flooring, a vivid mural and quirky furniture create a welcome distraction from the monochrome, bringing employees together for quick refreshment.

A standalone design element dominating its continuity throughout the interiors, is the beautifully woven rattan ceiling enclosed within a wooden framework. For the narrow passages we simply let the design of glass partitions merge with the ceiling’s design in order to simply provide a clear pathway. The two private cabins are designed keeping in mind the psychological effects of working in an enclosed personal space. Our objective was to ensure the space provided a creative boost. Hence, the furniture as well as the décor contributes to the design strategy.

The enclosed lounge acts as an ideal space for informal meetings and discussions. The curvilinear sofa exudes comfort and style along with the planters that bloom to add a fresh vibe. On the opposite end of the entrance are workstations. The desks are parted with the use of fabric partitions, planters and accessories. Past this, is a conference room housing twelve seats kept away from unwanted distractions.


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2,540 sq-ft.



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July, 2021

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