Alexandre. J Boutique Store, Dubai

Dubai Citywalk, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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About the project

Designing a parametric style interior for a retail store involves creating a dynamic and visually engaging space using parametric design principles. Parametric design uses algorithms and computational tools to generate complex, organic, and customizable forms.

The concept for this retail store interior is to combine technology and art to create an immersive and ever-evolving shopping experience. The inspiration draws from nature, specifically organic forms and patterns, which will be translated into parametric design elements.

The layout of the store is open and flexible, with modular fixtures and displays that can be rearranged to accommodate changing collections and product displays. The store will consist of different zones, each dedicated to specific product categories.

Futuristic Ceilings: The ceiling will feature a series of undulating, parametrically designed panels that resemble natural forms like waves or clouds. These panels will be made of lightweight materials, incorporating LED lighting to create a dynamic lighting system that can change colors and intensities, setting the mood for different sections of the store.

Customized Shelving and Displays: Parametrically designed shelving and display units will be strategically placed throughout the store. These fixtures will be modular and adjustable, allowing for quick reconfiguration based on changing product lines or seasonal displays. The organic shapes of these fixtures will create visual interest and movement within the space.

One or more walls will feature interactive, touch-sensitive surfaces. Customers can use these surfaces to explore product information, view available colors and sizes, and even virtually try on clothing or accessories. The patterns and animations displayed on these walls will be parametrically generated based on customer interactions.

The store’s lighting system will be fully integrated into the parametric design. LED lights will be programmed to adjust their intensity, color, and patterns in response to the time of day, customer foot traffic, and even real-time weather conditions outside. This will create a unique and immersive shopping experience.

Mirrors in the dressing rooms will be equipped with augmented reality features, allowing customers to virtually try on outfits and see how they look from different angles. The mirrors will also display parametric patterns that match the store’s design theme.

The materials used in this retail store will include sustainable options, such as recycled wood, eco-friendly paint, and low-VOC materials. The color palette will be primarily neutral, with accents of natural and vibrant colors, depending on the specific section of the store.

The store will feature a mobile app that interacts with the parametric design elements. Customers can use the app to personalize their shopping experience, find products, and receive exclusive offers. Beacon technology will also be used for location-based promotions and assistance.

The store will be designed with sustainability in mind, incorporating energy-efficient lighting and HVAC systems. Recycled and eco-friendly materials will be used wherever possible, and the store will aim to reduce its carbon footprint through sustainable practices.

This parametric style retail store design aims to create a visually stunning and adaptable shopping environment that engages customers on multiple levels. The blend of technology, nature-inspired design, and sustainability aligns with contemporary retail trends and offers a unique and memorable shopping experience.”

Photo Credits:  Arjun Photography

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2,499 sq-ft.



United Arab Emirates



Completed On:

September, 2019

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