BASF Turk’s Office, Izmir

Kazım Dirik Mah. Üniversite Caddesi 377/2 Sokak, İzmir, Turkey

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Designed by Mimaristudio, Flexibility, modularity, transparency and experience is the start point of the space design. A hybrid work environment where is innovative, enjoyable and appealing to employees of all age groups has been planned. Besides working, a place where employees can develop themselves, socialize, share and celebrate their special days was created. In the new physical structure, a common working and living space was aimed by providing the necessary conditions for creativity and productivity. With the idea of an “employee-centered” space, a design approach has been offered that changes the existing working culture on the basis of the physical working space.

Flexibility was one the the key point in planning of social areas, different types of individual and collaborative working areas and meeting spaces. Also, an “agile” space was designed to enable users of different profiles to collaborate, brainstorm, and engage in interactive communication during all day. The design group has reflected the design approach based on “”employee well-being”” to this project. The concept of well-being formed the basis of the work by proposing a place with high efficiency and productivity, where employees who spend long hours indoors and connected to technology can be physically and mentally healthy and happy. Also, the 3 main biophilic design steps were the complements of this approach within the project.

In this context, a living space has been planned where employees can work in maximum daylight, regular fresh air, appropriate thermal and acoustic comfort conditions, with the right lighting solutions and technological facilities. In addition to the use of a height-adjustable desk, direct access to the terrace area inside and outside the office and activity based working principles were included in the project. In the new office, all employees have the freedom to work where, when and how. A workspace has been designed where ergonomics and comfort are prioritized, where users can feel comfortable and where they can work not only sitting but also standing.

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6,150 sq-ft.





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September, 2022
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