Bebemos, Le Méridien

7 Aug , 2019  

Previously named Seafood Bistro, Bebemos was redesigned by Broadway Interiors to reflect a modern Spanish tapas bar. The interiors are fun, colourful and eclectic, drawing people to a location where great tapas food would be served. To overcome the budget constraints, the designers retained the existing kitchen, but relocated the bar in an adjacent position for service support. The existing columns were removed to allow more daylight to permeate into the venue.

Inspired by rural aged Catalan architecture, the space contains vibrant and dramatic montages of colour through various elements. Graphic statements, brick arches, authentic cobblestones, plastered walls and a trowel finish create texture, providing a neutral warm tone and cost effective backdrop.  In the walkways, reclaimed wooden beams were left untreated, for a natural raw finish, underpinned with a cream limestone flooring. Life and energy were infused into the scheme using vibrant, genuine Machuca flooring tiles.

Traditional wrought iron millwork from Spanish balconies inspired intricate detailing around the bar area together with saddle leather hanging features to act as storage for the fine wines. The Bar area utilises recycled and repurposed, bright coloured milk crates, with custom made cabinets painted blue adorned with fly posters. Colourful Gaudi style artwork uplifts the space, while contemporary lighting features blend seamlessly with the overall DNA.

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