BOA Steakhouse – Eastern Mangroves Promenade, Abu Dhabi

23 Jan , 2017  

Bishop Design was appointed to design the new BOA Steakhouse at the Eastern Mangroves Promenade in Abu Dhabi

The brief was to create a nightclub venue, with a theatrical atmosphere that would bring a new direction to the world of nightlife and stage entertainment. The venue is conveniently placed to attract elite individuals and a clientele searching for an enhanced nightlife experience.

The entrance is lined with intriguing infinity wall panels and mirrored surfaces that create optical illusions which reveal the “Beat of Angels” logo adorned in Swarovski crystals. The space is divided into two different levels – both vertically and horizontally – where cascading platforms meet in the main bar area. Before penetrating into the main club, a sunset and shisha lounge is located in the pre-club space and features a façade that opens up to an outdoor area surrounded by mesmerizing panoramic city views. These two areas are homogenous to one another but operate separately as both are serviced by their own bar, allowing a natural evolution and transition of space to occur over the course of the evening.

Walking through the organically shaped furniture, one arrives at the main area of the venue. The fluid bar counter fuses with a large stage and performance catwalk, which hosts dramatic and avant-garde performances. Cantilevering overhead are the VIP sky boxes that connect to the lower level through an elegant spiral staircase that wraps around a champagne feature wall. All of the spaces within are visually connected, allowing the clientele to see and be seen. The seating area is part of the performance and theatrical experience, enriched by the use of dynamic furniture laid out organically in its shapes and forms, providing the clientele and performers with a surface to dance on.

The overall design features the use of dynamic and high-end materials such as Senso flooring which breaks up into different patterns, intriguing lighting and full LED walls create optical illusions, Swarovski studded crystal carpets and three-dimensional reflective ceilings that transport you to new world of performance and entertainment with an elite sense of exclusivity.


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