Crowd Office, Dubai

Empire Heights - 3F-B-05, 124584, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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This 2,000 sq. ft. office was renovated by the DPMS team in 9 weeks, changing the whole dynamic of the space by adding in some much-needed lighting, and a sleek new concrete effect SPC floor. The design team added an acoustically rated glazing partition with modern Georgian bars as a decorative feature. Acoustically rated ceiling panels were also added along with featured joinery, concrete effect paint finishes and additional bathrooms were added to maximize the workspace.

In staying true to Crowd’s colors and branding, The design team integrated a touch of vibrant orange into the design, harmonizing it seamlessly with Crowd’s established visual identity. Most importantly, the goal was to fashion a space that not only respected their brand but also embodied their vision.

Photo Credits: Louisa Manson

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2,000 sq-ft.


United Arab Emirates



Completed On:

December, 2023

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