Delax Group Headquarters, Spain

Valencia, Spain

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The ground floor program is made up of two meeting rooms, the showroom and a workspace. The meeting rooms, although communicated by a glass pane, differ in terms of utility, colours and theme: the smallest, the good night room is covered in an indigo blue textile embroidered with a design that imitates a starry night; on the other hand, the good morning room is covered with a beige textile in conjunction with the furniture. Opposite these are the bathrooms and at the end of the corridor, a door invites us to visit the factory.

The showroom, divided into two sections to ensure the privacy of the most innovative products, is designed to be a light, minimalist space, reminiscent of the comfortable and ethereal nature of dreams. Platforms on the sides allow easy placement of different products. The corner of the Baby Keeper, an international best-seller of the brand, for which its own platform is designed, is especially important. The adjustable surface lighting allows to focus and guide the visitor’s attention depending on the moment and situation.

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3,229 sq-ft.





Completed On:

February, 2022

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