Fauchon Paris Restaurant, Dubai

Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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About the project

Founded in 1886, Fauchon Paris represents a major reference to the contemporary French gourmet cuisine. Known for its artistic pastries and iconic desserts. The client wanted to create a unique design that reflect the artisanship of the brand. The brief was simple, they want people to feel that they’ve entered into a gallery of artisan French delicacies.

Due to its location inside a shopping mall, Belhasa Interiors had to carefully craft and design every corner of the restaurant to reflect this identity. They created the shop front to communicate an outdoor vibe and strategically located a seating are on the periphery of the restaurant that mimics a “terrace” feeling to the customers. They have designed the retail space to showcase the history of the brand and to represent all the unique products offered by Fauchon in an almost “art gallery” type of visual merchandising.

One of the greatest challenges they faced was to execute the brand’s guidelines while adhering to MoE’s own design guidelines. They have used advance glass etching techniques to represent the iconic “FAUCHONFAUCHON’ patterns which are usually executed using stickers, something that is prohibited based on MoE’s guidelines. In addition to the glass works, they have also created a curtain-like wall cladding wrapped around the kitchen area to represent a “Behind the curtains” concept which communicates that the kitchen and BOH of Fauchon is not just a kitchen, its were “the art is created”

The space compromises of two main functions; Dining and Retail. They have created a retail zone that seamless blends into the dining area to give the restaurant a coherent look and feel through-out.

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United Arab Emirates

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