Law Firm/Legal Services

Guia Naghi & Partners Office, Romania

Park Avenue Business Center, 93 Emanoil Porumbaru, Bucharest, Romania

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Designed by Interiology The approach was to create smaller, cosier spaces for teamwork and quick project- based meetings. Besides the 10 people conference room, there is also a “”quiet cell”” – a soundproof area for private calls and isolated work. They brought elements that bring the feeling of comfort, borrowed from the home design: sofas, armchairs, carpets, soft textiles, mustard-yellow shades, warm light from the floor lamp and many real plants. They even  used a wallpaper with plant motifs, which passes from one wall to another and covers the whole room, creating the relaxing vibe of a tropical vacation. It’s good to let your mind fly between two calls.

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4,300 sq-ft.





Completed On:

January, 2022

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