Hug boutique Store, Shenzhen

The MixC Mall, The Luohu District, Shenzhen, China

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Hug, a multi-brand boutique retail, was established in 2016 with a core focus on preserving the essence of good design while staying at the forefront of shopping trends. Pronounced Design, in its mission to create an all-inclusive environment for its first store in Shenzhen, has brought this vision from the slow-paced Chengdu and Aranya to the fast-growing Shenzhen. The store is not only a fashion emporium but also a platform to showcase brand culture in a flexible and mobile way. Against a sleek backdrop, the combination of high-gloss and matte materials complement each other perfectly. Shenzhen, a multifaceted city that operates at a frenetic pace is where “creating power through tranquility” is possible.

Hug makes a bold statement with its new design in one of Shenzhen’s busiest shopping malls. As visitors approach the entrance, they are greeted with an overwhelming sense of awe – a solid, rustic, and orderly aesthetic instills a sense of inclusiveness and encourages quiet exploration of the store. The space is naturally divided by the original building’s column network, with a rectangular block serving as a divider to create a simple and streamlined structural relationship at the entrance. The central block houses a multi-functional area, which is designed to allow visitors to explore in a free and unrestricted manner. To create the illusion of a floating island, the front section of the block has a hollowed-out bottom structural column, leading the eye towards the back of the store along the gap at the bottom. Hug’s innovative design concept fosters a deep sense of connection between people and spaces, exemplifying the power of inclusiveness.

The interwoven volume of various materials and products, combined with hanging rods of varying length and width, create an exciting rhythmic flow throughout the space, naturally inspiring the curiosity of guests.

Deep within the store lies a mysterious electric blue block, proudly displaying the distinct blue-on-white hug logo – a powerful symbol of the brand’s original intention. The blue color builds up to a small visual climax, providing an impactful moment within the space. The blue wrapping effectively isolates visitors from the outside world, inviting them to fully immerse themselves in the unique brand experience.

To allow for flexibility in accommodating various activities in the future, the designers opted to tone down the materials used in hard furnishings while amplifying the contrast between materials in the props. Featuring a mix of marble mosaics, black matte wood lacquer surfaces, and high-gloss wood veneer counters, these props use minimal colors to add depth and texture. Adjustable angled mirrors cater to different usage experiences, while bent pipes, straight lines and flat sheet metal protrude from walls and floors, creating an experimental ambiance without disrupting the overall tone and structural balance. “”We hope people will pay attention to the intricate details we implemented in the design of the store, as they shop. Every feature was crafted with function in mind, seamlessly blending into the shopping experience,”” says Andy Lin, founder and lead architect of Pronounced Design.

For Lin, a successful retail space must blend aesthetics and business. “”We must continuously strive for a harmonious balance of the output of aesthetics and the smooth operation of our business.” During the design process, both designer and owner agreed that the store should not appear too austere with stainless steel dominating the environment nor too focused on attracting foot traffic with a flashy exterior. Instead, they aimed for a soft and rigid balance in design, akin to a woman who exudes gentleness yet remains assertive, much like the independent women of modern China.

Photo Credits : Kelvin Li

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2,799 sq-ft.


The MixC Mall, The Luohu District





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December, 2022

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