IT Office, Limassol

Limassol, Cyprus

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About the project

ZIKZAK Architects have designed a new office in Cyprus for an international IT company. The client’s task was to redesign an existing working environment that would meet the requirements of a modern office for top management. Eventually, the team plans to relocate to another building, so it was important to carefully allocate the project budget. The need to preserve as many existing elements of the premises as possible presented a challenge for the designers. Their goal was to create a prestigious office for the company’s leadership while maximizing the use of fragments left from the previous space.

As the previous office no longer met the requirements of modernity in terms of functionality and aesthetics, it underwent a radical transformation. The space, which was cluttered with details and quite dark, was “cleansed” and made brighter and more refined. However, the designers preserved as many existing elements as possible and incorporated them into the new interior, such as the travertine flooring, wooden walls, and lighting. This approach not only optimized the budget but also demonstrated respect for the history of the space. Like meticulous archaeologists, the designers retained portions of the old architectural layers, complementing them with new elements. 

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