Jumeirah Guangzhou Hotel, China

Guangzhou, China

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The Jumeirah Guangzhou Hotel Interior Design was inspired by the character of the city from its past to the present. In particular: Guangzhou was part of the Maritime silk road which linked the East and the West in terms of culture , commerce and trade. Guangzhou is also the birth place of Zen Buddhism and it had also allowed to establish the first protestant Missionary in China , this brought in mix of people and cultures. The city with its history in trade till date continues to attract industry and business.

Guest rooms and Public areas though modern in context manage to infuse details inspired from early Tang dynasty and thus create an environment reflecting the 21st century China. The all-day dining is inspired by the European features of Shamein Island, a French and English settlement given away by Quin government in 19th century.

Jumeirah Guangzhou is located in the heart of the 3rd largest city in China and attempts to offer guests urban tranquility with recreation. The Design approach focuses on providing a feeling of calmness, openness and peace through an “inside-outside” design philosophy. KCA created boundary-less spaces with themes of flora and fauna. KCA “Garden Theme” is designed side by side with the “Fashion theme”, complemented by a seasonal display of curated Artefacts and Artworks.

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