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Kitopi Headquarters, Dubai

The Offices 4, One Central Dubai World , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Cloud kitchen company Kitopi which stands for ‘Kitchen Utopia’ is growing rapidly since it launched in 2018 and needed a bigger space to fit its expanding needs. As one of the greatest success stories in the food tech space, a multifunctional workplace with a modern, playful, and efficient kitchen design best suits them. Kitopi appointed Spencer Interiors & Contracting LLC to develop its office fit-out for the third time in collaboration with Kitopi’s Lead Architect and Interior Designer, Ranime Loutfi.

The client wanted the workplace to adapt to a post-Covid world – an open, and bright space, catering to different types of employees and their different ways of working. The office design took inspiration from the fact that Kitopi is a cloud kitchen business, so food and restaurants were used as artistic elements throughout the space. Many materials were ordered very early on and detailed drawings were prioritized to help with the project delivery timeline. Every corner of the office reflects Kitopi’s vision and core values. Furniture, materials, and design were carefully selected, creating a homey yet playful ambiance for its employees.

The tech-powered, multi-brand restaurant also has 3600sqft Café and Canteen that were created with breeze blocks. Usually, these fun patterns are used as exterior finishes, but they were brought in to serve as a design accent. Rectangular glass blocks were also used in the executive meeting room, transforming “an old-school material” into a design that is relevant and modern. Throughout the office, Interface carpets were used to showcase brand colors and create a distinction between spaces. Over 20 bespoke items, including the stepped seating of the Amphitheatre, the booth seating, and the café counters, were produced by Spencer joinery.


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United Arab Emirates



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