Barber Shop

LOCAL Mamsha, Abu Dhabi

Mamsha Al Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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About the project

Men’s barber and specialty coffee shop, exclusive sneaker and streetwear store; LOCAL unites everything that represents hipster subculture gone mainstream – with success. For the interiors of their second branch at Mamsha Al Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi the homegrown brand stayed true to its origins – an authentic appeal that celebrates materials and design features in their raw form. Moreover, shell+core, the designers, added a layer of beach allusion to reflect the surroundings of the new location. Interior contractor Havelock One oversaw the turnkey fit-out and worked with different subcontractors on bespoke solutions.

The three spaces – F&B, grooming service and retail – have their distinct identity, yet the overall concept unites them in an industrial setting of 150 sqm that oozes the coolness of an urban loft. Decorative concrete, ceramic tiling, glass, powder-coated and stainless steel are the most dominant materials, the open ceiling features galvanized steel spiral duct pipes in a prominent way. Furthermore, the industrial design elements are juxtaposed with greenery as well as millwork and loose furniture made of oak timber, which creates a sense of warmth and welcome.

Following the beach theme, the serving counter is inspired by the natural undulations of the sea and the translucency of water. Jade Daniel and Ghalia Korban, co-founders of shell+core, came up with the idea to integrate mirrors into the shelving behind the corrugated glass façade, imitating the subtle reflections of the sun on the waves of the sea. Glass specialist Mirodec contributed the bespoke transparent glass veneer. The timber louver bulkhead detail over the counter was manufactured by Seekers Furnishing. For the glazed steel frame enclosure that would become the barbershop, Stark had been nominated for the structural metal and glassworks. Its design is inspired by a typical greenhouse, allowing guests of the cafe and shoppers to observe the grooming process from a distance. Similarly, the retail section is minimalist, reducing form to function, just to build an adequate backdrop and space to present the unique products of the niche concept store.

For the final outcome, the client, shell+core and Havelock One took a truly collaborative approach, evolving the store design further as it was getting built. Consequently, LOCAL combines a unique business model, interior design and craftsmanship to attract a sophisticated audience that enjoys great coffee, pampering and an elevated shopping experience.

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1,614 sq-ft.


United Arab Emirates

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July, 2021
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