Mangrove Work&Stay, Goseong

Goseong, Korea, Republic of

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Nestled in the serene coastal town of Goseong, South Korea, Mangrove Work&Stay is reshaping the concept of work and relaxation by blending nature and modern design. This retreat caters to remote creatives with a carefully curated philosophy focusing on comfort, functionality, and sustainability. The integration of Humanscale products throughout the property enhances the guest experience, seamlessly combining ergonomic design with eco-conscious sensibilities. Chief Creative Officer Jeannie JY Chung envisions a vibrant community of digital nomads converging in a serene seaside setting, aligning perfectly with Humanscale’s ‘Work&Stay’ ideology.

The alliance between Humanscale’s corporate nature and Goseong’s tranquility may seem unconventional, but a deeper exploration reveals a harmonious confluence of values. Goseong’s landscapes mirror Humanscale’s commitment to crafting chairs that sync with the human body, creating a union where guests immerse in the unhurried pace of seaside life while experiencing productivity and ergonomic excellence. The Mangrove Work&Stay, designed as a “third space” for work and leisure, champions a meaningful narrative of productivity and sustainability. The partnership exemplifies a sustainable future for the hospitality industry, marking a transformative change in the ‘Hybrid Life’ journey, one chair at a time.

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