Marbamar Offices, Alicante

Alicante, Spain

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Led by Raúl Gómez, third generation, and with a work philosophy based on innovation, professionalisation and digitalisation, Frigoríficos Marbamar understands that the greatest asset for organisations are people. That is why it believes in open spaces, which invite collaboration and coworking of its workers, and encourage closeness, one of the main values of the DNA of this company in the frozen fish and seafood sector.

“At Marbamar we knew that the process of professional and digital innovation in which we were immersed had one main objective: to improve communication, collaboration and productivity among our professionals,” says Raúl Gómez.

Very fragmented and with offices that functioned as physical barriers and did not allow interdepartmental interaction, the original space has been completely redesigned to promote the circulation of air and light, transmitting spaciousness and maintaining a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere to work in.

Actiu has participated, together with its partner tecniOficina, in the integral equipment of offices distributed in open spaces with which the company wants to promote teamwork in its different areas. Open and diaphanous spaces, organised in ‘professional islands’ or work areas such as administration, quality, purchasing, commercial, operations, marketing or management.

Hand in hand with Raúl Gómez and his mother, an interior designer by profession, tecniOficina has actively participated in the design, contributing ideas, reaching a consensus on the configuration of the new workspaces and actively participating in more technical aspects, such as electrification. In this way, and in continuous collaboration with the factory, a project based on efficiency, sustainability and productivity was presented.

“After an initial meeting with the client, we presented our ideas, understanding that times change, companies change with them and so do offices”, says Javier Pareja, from tecniOficina. In complete agreement, Raúl Gómez decided to demolish the old facilities and build them with a modern, well-structured, dynamic, agile and creative design, where priority is given to attracting and retaining talent.

This generates a constant flow of interaction between workers, which favours the building of solid personal and professional relationships, and allows for greater mobility and flexibility, boosting creativity and innovation.

“When it came to selecting the right furniture, it was clear to us that we had to contact experts in creating productive, efficient workspaces that provide well-being for workers”, adds Raúl Gómez, who highlights how, among the different proposals, Actiu’s was the one that best matched Marbamar’s vision of innovation in management, productivity, coworking and well-being for people.

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