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MCIA Office, Mumbai

Tulsi Pipe Rd, opposite Lodha Supremus, Upper Worli, Lower Parel, Mumbai, India

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The MCIA office located in India’s financial capital, Mumbai, is a testament to modernity and efficiency in design. Spanning a modest 800 square feet, this compact workspace showcases a combination of contemporary aesthetics and clever space utilisation.

Designed by the Bangalore office of Dubai-based design and build firm Designsmith, the office has been meticulously planned to optimise every square inch. The design team’s ingenuity shines through as they utilise the space to accommodate the client’s diverse requirements without compromising on openness and functionality.

Neha Gupta, Head of Design, Designsmith India shared, “Working on the MCIA office was an enriching experience for our team. We wanted to combine modern design elements with practicality, using the space wisely.”

Clean lines and a minimalist palette set the tone for this space, creating an environment that exudes professionalism and sophistication. The strategic placement of partitions fosters a sense of openness, providing an unobstructed flow of movement and communication. A well-lit ambiance envelops the office, courtesy of carefully curated lighting fixtures.

“The design work by our Bangalore team for the MCIA office is truly impressive,” noted Mihir Sanganee, Creative Director of Designsmith. “Their creative approach and attention to detail in maximising the compact space showcase their expertise. The office now stands as a testament to how good design enhances experiences and improves the way we work.”

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