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Oppenländer Rechtsanwälte Law Offices, Stuttgart

Börsenplatz 1 (Friedrichsbau), 70174 , Stuttgart, Germany

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The openness of these offices is what immediately strikes the eye. A large glass front transforms the new entrance area into a calling card for the firm. Without hesitation, it announces the end to a stuffier era –airy, thin frames bid farewell to the heavy wood panelling that is so familiar to offices of this category. A time honoured habit concedes to bright and colourful hues. The reception desk, however, still manifests the proper sober objectivity that is expected from a law firm, while the waiting room, which doubles as a multi-functional foyer and sometimes event location, displays a lounge-like charm with a significantly higher density of detailing. The floor serves to connect both eras, the traditional and the modern, using material that is otherwise familiar from Milan metro stations. It tells a story of transformation as a journey.

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