Optima Partitions Office, Dubai

Optima Partitions LLC, Unit 1106, Level 11, Marina Plaza, Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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About the project

Optima Partitions Office, Dubai was designed by AAID and the fit-out works were completed by KPS. Optima has been successfully operating in the GCC region since 2008. They have their own dedicated showroom and sound laboratory in the UAE.

Optima’s office is based on the concept of collaborative workspaces. It comprises different areas such as empowering meeting rooms, open workstations, break-out areas and executive offices. The designers have created a very simple and toned-down interior with a subdued colour palette, which gives a minimalistic yet clean finish to the interiors.

The fact that the client is one of the leading suppliers of partitions in the region has been well-utilized and well-implemented in its own office. Partitions are a key feature in their office space and it is prominently visible. The designers have tried to make the office space a place to showcase some of the best partitions and acoustic features of Optima.

From their golden and silver panels to their matching furniture pieces, every aspect of the interiors is planned to be simple yet elegant drawing more attention to the partitions. The workplace flow and space has been controlled through the intelligent use of partitions. The other benefit of the partitions being the clean lines and clear segregation of spaces.

The intermittent usage of wood panels and wood-coloured cabinets, not to forget the random streaks of blue in the carpet, give a visual relief from the otherwise predominantly white and grey space. Especially, the reception area has more texture and colour to add a hint of liveliness, without compromising on the clean and professional design aspect of the office interiors.

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4,000 sq-ft.


United Arab Emirates



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July, 2017

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