Prudential Assurance Company Office, Singapore

UE Bizhub West 450 Alexandra Rd, Singapore

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As one of Singapore’s leading life insurance companies, Prudential Assurance Company Singapore has served the financial and protection needs of Singaporeans for over 85 years. Now occupying 66,000 sqft of space spread across seven floors at UE Bizhub West, Prudential’s new office has been designed by ID21 as a rejuvenating oasis within the urban concrete jungle.

Drawing inspiration from biodiversity in nature, they have redefined Prudential’s new workplace as a living ecosystem that comprises various areas catering to different needs, from focus work and collaboration to learning and innovation. They have extended the idea of environmental protection by bringing experiences of nature into the built environment that elevate one’s mood and creativity levels.

A new client experience has been introduced through the revamped customer service area. Rather than the conventional approach of customers being assigned to service agents at fixed desks, the latter will approach customers to lead them to an available service desk positioned along the window perimeter. For more private consultations, service agents can also make use of the adjacent suite of meeting rooms. Taking cues from hospitality design, the use of soft lighting and design elements reminiscent of greenery and water bodies create a soothing and comfortable environment.

The two training rooms can be combined to accommodate larger capacity events through the use of operable walls. Inspired by the symbolism of trees, curved walls overlaid with timber panels and lattices frame the space. Both rooms have been equipped with audio-visual capabilities and writable surfaces to facilitate learning and discussion.

At the back office, existing office furniture was reused whenever possible to give them a second lease of life. Pockets of collaboration and recreation spaces have also been interspersed throughout the workstations. The curvilinear placement of workstations along the core of the floorplate helps to delineate user walkways, while wayfinding was subtly incorporated through gradient-toned carpeting.

Their design concept of environmental protection and sustainability has been fully expressed in the design language of the floorplate. Through their design, a thriving and dynamic hub has been created within Prudential’s new office space whereby employees are invigorated to perform at their best.

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66,080 sq-ft.



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April, 2021

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