Radisson Collection Hotel, Palazzo Nani Venice

Fondamenta Cannaregio, 1105, Venice, Italy

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About the project

The historic Palazzo Nani, a 16th century noble building overlooking the Cannaregio Canal in Venice, has become a Radisson Collection 5-star hotel signed by Studio Marco Piva.

Preserving the past by designing the future: Palazzo Nani, previously house of the aristocratic Nani family, then a school, reopened its doors to the city, after the major renovation work curated by Studio Marco Piva for the interior design, Venice Plan for the architecture and work supervisor and Sirecon for the restoration, carried out under the supervision, and in agreement, with the Superintendence of Fine Arts and Landscape for the Municipality of Venice, as the property is subject to the protection regime for its historical value.

The new Hotel evolves the concept of luxury, giving it a cultural and refined value, combining the artistic heritage with a profound aesthetic research in which the best design integrates with the emotional and social value of the work, increasing its prestige even more. A change of intended use that keep intact the historical and artistic value of the Palace, preserving and emphasizing the original structures and floors, as well as all the frescoes, magnified with the use of light.

The emotional element of the project is the lifeblood of the place: everything has been studied and designed with the intention of finding a reference to the city of Venice. The work of Studio Marco Piva was therefore based on the dialogue between the existing on the one hand, and with the history of the place on the other, in a combination of past and future.


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5,500 sq-ft.



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February, 2022

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