Talented Office, Bengaluru

Church Street, 46/5, Cobalt, Haridevpur, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, India

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Talented Office is situated in Bengaluru, India, is designed and fitted out by Adrianse Global. The pitch for this project was unusually creative and humour filled meeting in between a regular corporate workplace design setup. The clients had come with quite a descriptive brief for what they desired for this creative marketing workplace of theirs. They requested the energy, craft and colours of their brand merged with the quirky advertising that they do. The place had to reflect that energy. It had to be highly collaborative and open, where people could walk around chatting, discussing ideas, and building on together. It also had to be the place for introverts at the same time. It had to grasp in the sun and the trees outside the windows and also match the vibrancy of Church street. It took a few iterations and polishing to hit the right themes, colours, furniture etc. We wanted loud, but not too loud, colourful but not too much, bright graphics but easy to the eyes. To strike this balance was at the crux of this project and perhaps the most difficult task.

Taking all these factors into consideration and after a few play with the layouts we went ahead with a layout that had spaces layered within circles called- Me space, we space- segregating the floor plate into a series of social, collaborative and individual workspaces.

The social spaces were informal zones created for quick chats while the collaborative spaces provided for group activities, large meetings, group discussions. Among all these are small niches and caves that cater to the needs of individual thinking. With solid gray walls for the industrial theme the space utilises light pastels as well making space for the clients to create bold quirky art. The furniture as well is diverse catering to these needs- right from lounge seatings, to high tables, to an organic gathering space in the cafeteria- it aims to hit the needs of the client at day to day level.

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2,999 sq-ft.





Completed On:

October, 2023

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