Ten01 Apartments, Tempe

1001 E Playa Del Norte Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281, United States

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Ten01 went through a full renovation, focusing on the five amenity floors located in the core of the property, which included restyling the façade and unit finishes. Due to the close proximity to the Arizona State University and the large growth of new apartments in the vicinity, Ten01 needed a massive overhaul to stay current and appeal to the local demographic and the high number of international students that attend the university.

The overall design aesthetic focused on what made Tempe, Arizona a destination for people coming from all over the world. The new design also needed to improve function from a building and leasing standpoint, set the property apart from its increasing number of competitors and generate higher rents. By taking to heart the directives posed by the full property renovation, the amenity spaces embody the overall feel of living in and experiencing the desert landscape.

Key design features includes a two-story high walnut wood dimensional wall, custom perforated metal panels with art of local mountain ranges created in house, layered ceiling elements that further replicate rocky cliff faces, locally sourced wood paneling, and other custom art highlighting local areas in and around Tempe.

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12,940 sq-ft.


United States

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October, 2019

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