The Nail Spa, Motor City

29 Nov , 2018  

The Nail Spa recently expanded their reach to Motor City, where the brand and in turn their interiors developed a more refined and fresh aesthetic.

Designed by Bishop Designs in collaboration with Compass Project Consulting and GDM Interiors, the common elements in all locations and interiors are brand colours, ambience and subtle 3D wall panelling. The main colour pallete utilises white tones, resulting in natural illumination and softness in the interior, followed by the brand’s purple shade, which is commonly used on the accent walls and pedicure chair upholstery, creating colour bursts against the white backdrop.

Whilst the interior may be simple, the use of indirect lighting throughout creates an appealing, relaxed ambience. The main area has elements of cove lighting, step lighting and corner LED profiles to soften the edges and provide warmth to the space. The same formula is applied to the reception area with a backlit stretched ceiling and product display lighting.

The corridor has a minimalistic design with a futuristic approach where linear led profiles continue to the ceiling with a purple accent wall at the end.


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