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The Spice Store, Gedera

Gedera, Israel

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Imagine the smell of fresh roasted coffee mixed with spices. The design concept was to bring this richness of flavors into the store design. A customer that comes to store will first encounter the store front, the glass vitrina was replaced by a concrete front, with two arched opening as windows, using also as a window display. The products display varies from concrete niches to metal and wood shelving.

The store design is very colorful yet delicate, aspires to bring the market experience with a modern and clean visuality. The center tables are long and massive, carrying many products and storage. The colors and materials chosen for the design are dark wood, smoked grey contrasted by a textured floor and vivid yellow and green that comes from the plants. The story of “The spice” is about an authentic market, with an added value of nature, wellness and a personal service, combined with a very special food products that any customer would be happy to get.

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800 sq-ft.





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April, 2022

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