Toro Toro Refurbishment, Dubai

10 Jul , 2019  

The revamped interior for Toro Toro restaurant in Dubai is all about providing visitors with a holistic experience using a variety of design elements. Redesigned by LW Design and completed in 5 months, the colour palette consists of vibrant teal and burnt orange, and stunning South-American prints, along with hand-woven panels on the dining chairs.

The bronze bull sculptures, black metal cage detailing, and the backlit onyx kitchen are now paired with eccentric wallpaper along with biophilic elements, contributing to the tropical vibe. 

South American Ranch design features are predominant throughout (i.e. in cushions, Pampas Rugs, Gaucho wall murals, Panama hats, Saddle armchairs, barn doors, black leather belt clad maitre D’desk, pony hide pouffs,etc). 

Some of the key design elements include the double-story murals of authentic gauchos and Kudu wall hangings which accentuates the culture of the space. Timber flooring and walnut feature tables add warmth to the interiors, inviting guests to a visual and sensory treat.

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