Zhonghai Lakeside Top Life, Nanning

Wuxiang Lakeside, Nanning, China

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This project, which is situated in Wuxiang Lakeside, Nanning, is the sixth generation of Zhonghai’s premier creation, with an emphasis on community, health, and intelligence. The design’s central idea is to turn it into a future living clubhouse with a full life cycle that is easy to maintain, runs well, no demolition and alteration, and offers good value for the money.

The entrance conveys a sense of homecoming, with luxury elements integrated into daily life. People can enjoy the lakeside beauty thanks to the completely intelligent light and curtain system that opens and closes on its own. On the ink screen, the lotus in the canal comes to life under the interplay of light and shadow, while the poetry lingers. The negotiation area forms an ‘academy’, designed to capture the spirit of culture and create the ideal setting for the city’s elite. Each piece of furniture has an aesthetic that blends well with the overall contemporary feel of the room.

Eastern aesthetics is fully embraced to bring back the world of tea drinking that is tasty, simple, and ideal. Both the child and the parents are taken into consideration while designing children’s places. Having no blind angles, comfortable tables, and chairs makes childcare easier. The flower shop connects people to one another and to the precious rituals of good living on a daily basis.

By doing this, it gives a realistic luxury lifestyle of the future thanks to its light and operable form, making our life more beautiful.

Photo Credits : One Thousand Degrees Vision

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7,890 sq-ft.





Completed On:

December, 2022

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