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Angel Cerda brings comfort, luxury, and style to the place we call home. It offers chic designer furnishing solutions that are extraordinaire, not just in form but also in function. With an eye for detail and impeccable craftsmanship at its heart, Angel Cerda has joined forces with Love That Design to create an impact in the global market.

Angel Cerda is a furnishing legacy weaved by 4 generations over a significant period of 137 years. The leaders have an innate understanding of people, places, and the tangibles that shape their relationships. The brand has an exquisite assortment of furniture products such as chairs, dining tables, coffee & corner tables, armchairs, sofas, auxiliary furniture, and lighting. 

Originating from Spain, the ethos of the brand is deeply rooted in its local culture, art, and craft. To them, furniture is the crux of a space- it defines the character of a space and the movement of people. And therefore, they consider furniture-making as an act of curating experiences and fostering engagements. 

About Angel Cerda

The brand’s corporate presence expands to the whole of the European subcontinent while they have undertaken projects around the world. It has an in-house team of skilled interior designers who continually innovate with forms and materials to create avant-garde furniture pieces. With a global foresight, Angel Cerda is dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives through their ingenious creativity and understanding of market trends.

The Brand’s Secret Sauce

At Angel Cerda, the success of the brand is fueled by its ability to design and innovate, produce good-quality output, and provide robust customer services. The brand redefines spaces with a hint of distinctiveness, sophistication, and elegance. Their products are built to stand the test of time while maintaining their appearance throughout the lifecycle. 

Every piece in their collection is meticulously manufactured with a singular purpose – to provide the utmost comfort and convenience to users. They believe that furniture must not only enhance the utility of a space but also amp up its visual appeal. Through their pursuit of excellence, they aspire to contribute to the narrative of our living spaces, making each moment within them not just comfortable but truly remarkable.

Our vision of furniture combines the latest trends in interior design without forgetting the family tradition that marks our history as a brand. Sharing this concept around the world is one of our goals.

– Andrés Cerdá, CEO, Angel Cerda

Plans for growth in the region (Middle East and Africa)

Having made their presence felt in 20+ countries, Angel Cerda is all set for global domination. It is fueled by long standing family ties within the furniture segment and has successfully ventured into highly competitive markets to chalk out a niche for its products. When put against furniture brands worldwide, Angel Cerda stands out as a name associated with timeless, quality-assured products. 

The vision for growth propels Angel Cerda towards new horizons, particularly in the Middle East and Africa. In accordance with this goal, the brand has established a significant presence on the African continent with a dedicated showroom in Ghana. Such a strategic expansion reflects its commitment to transcending geographical boundaries, making a mark as a prominent player in the global furniture market.

Beyond commerce, Angel Cerda aspires to provide a people-centric approach to home interior design. A future-forward ideology underlines the brand’s dedication to not only making furniture but also contributing to the very fabric of contemporary design and lifestyle on a global scale.

New Innovations for the International Market– What the readers can look forward to

With the intent of making high-design furniture more accessible to the world, Angel Cerda is all geared up to expand its formidable footprint beyond Europe. Taking a step to realise this vision, the brand has already set up its store in Ghana. In the near future, many such retail stores are expected to make their way into the Asian and American markets. By partnering with Love That Design, Angel Cerda is focused on creating a buzz in the Middle East region while continuing to improve the quality of life of people.

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22 March, 2024

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