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APE Grupo is moving the needle for built spaces through its range of innovative, functional, and globally relevant ceramic solutions. Offering versatile products for every space and user needs, APE Grupo provides designer ceramics in an array of colours, textures, and patterns. Through its partnership with Love That Design, the brand aims to make unique surface finishings more accessible globally.

The idea of curating rich spatial experiences is fundamental to APE Grupo. Therefore, they craft designer ceramics that cater to the diverse needs of people. This helps in the fabrication of built environments that foster growth, happiness, and productivity. With over thirty years since the creation of APE Cerámica, the Spanish brand now forms a group of four brands: APE best for you, Carmen, XLINING, and Ilbagno. APE Grupo offers over 200 top-level ceramic collections of the highest quality, along with the best international designers.

About APE Grupo

About the Brand’s Secret Sauce

As a family-owned business nurtured by generations, APE Grupo fosters close relationships with its partners and maintains a proactive approach to setting trends rather than merely following them. This ethos shapes the company’s identity and underscores its dedication to excellence in all aspects of its operations.

Further, APE Grupo sets itself apart by consistently standing alongside its clients, demonstrating a commitment to empathise with user needs and concerns. This people-first approach extends to the company’s product designs that reflect an innate understanding of technical expertise and nuanced human interactions. 

Moreover, APE Grupo is steadfastly progressive, experimental, and judicious with their offerings. For instance, APE Grupo handles a myriad of formats and customizable options, especially via Ilbagno. Under the brand, APE Grupo’s porcelain can be personalised, and mixed and matched with all Ilbagno collections.

While having a forward-looking approach, the brand maintains a deep respect for tradition and prioritises delivering personalised experiences tailored to the specific demands of each market and individual customer.

Plans for growth in the region (Middle East and Africa)

Given the expansive growth strategy of APE Grupo, the brand has achieved a considerable feat of making its presence felt in 120 countries worldwide showcasing 200+ product collections. With its roots nestled in Spain, the company has an extensive 3000 square metres showroom in the Castellón province. It is a two-storey structure accommodating spaces for workshops and ceramic exhibits that display the most sought-after collections from the brand. The building has itself received accolades for its unique design and received a BREEAM certification for fulfilling sustainability parameters. This reflects the APE Grupo’s inclination towards inventing solutions that are not only imaginative but also environmentally-responsible.

Now expanding their regional footprint, APE Grupo is strategically elevating its presence in the Middle East through dedicated showroom spaces, with a primary focus on key hubs like Dubai and Riyadh. With these new establishments, the brand seeks to provide easy access to their premium products and customised services, catering specifically to the needs and preferences of clients in these vibrant markets.

Furthermore, the APE Grupo has plans to swiftly broaden its reach and set up showrooms in more diverse locations across GCC and Africa. This vision outlines the brand’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for its products and fostering long-term partnerships with people across various geographical landscapes. Through these initiatives, APE Grupo seeks to position itself as a trusted industry leader, driving forward with agility to capture emerging opportunities and deliver exceptional value to their customer base.

Always at the forefront of design and product, we do not lose sight of tradition and the personalised treatment of each market, of each client.

José Miguel Pellicer, CEO – APE Grupo

New Innovations on the Block– What the Readers Can Look Forward to

In the upcoming calendar of events, APE Grupo is gearing up to participate in several significant exhibitions, namely CERSAIE Italy. These events will serve as platforms for the brand to unveil its latest collections. Additionally, the Downtown Design event in Dubai presents the brand with a notable opportunity for industry networking and engagement. Looking ahead, APE Grupo will focus squarely on fostering connections within the design and build community to explore gateways into global markets and tap into their full potential.ntally-responsible.

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7 May, 2024

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