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Pioneered and produced in Switzerland, BASWA is one of the world’s most versatile seamless acoustic systems. Their mission is simple: to increase wellbeing by combining effective sound absorption with complete architectural freedom. We are proud to welcome BASWA acoustic on Love That Design!


BASWA has been known as the original innovator in seamless sound absorbing plaster, with all their products developed and engineered in Switzerland, and installed on site using only highly skilled, certified installers. Their acoustic surfaces can be found in some of the finest buildings in the world where high performance acoustics are integrated discreetly into the architecture.

About BASWA acoustic

Seamless sustainable Acoustic Surfaces, in almost unlimited colours with a choice of surface smoothness.

BASWA acoustic systems fit discreetly into any interior and can be combined with each other for architects and owners to design spaces where acoustics and aesthetics coalesce to exceed everyday expectations. Their careful selection of raw materials helps sustainability in manufacturing.

“Did you know that we spend 90% of our time indoors now? As pioneers and innovators in the field of seamless acoustic plaster for over 30 years, we are excited to be part of Love That Design to highlight the importance of great room acoustics in the region and to promote wellbeing through acoustic design. We are committed to the development of acoustical products that prioritize health, wellbeing, and sustainability in all spaces.”

–Nelunika De Silva, Specification & Project Manager MEA, BASWA acoustic

In July 2021 BASWA launched BASWA Natural, an acoustic solution made from regional hemp fibres in line with their philosophy to use natural, renewable raw materials to enable sustainable buildings and promote health. One of the most important capabilities of the hemp plant is the storage of CO2. Since hemp is an annual plant, it can be harvested and replanted every year. Under excellent climatic conditions, the plant can even be harvested twice a year – the CO2 storage is thus even doubled! With the use of plant-based building materials, BASWA acoustic cuts reliance on scarce resources and helps build healthy, efficient and zero carbon buildings.

For more more information about BASWA Natural or any of their latest offerings, please check the links below:

BASWA Phon is the original, most versatile and highest quality architectural acoustic plaster system used for reducing the reverberation time in rooms.
BASWA Natural is an architectural acoustic lining for the reduction of reverberation time in rooms, consisting of purely natural and sustainable components.

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