Bringing Nature In

The experiential quality of our interior spaces forms an integral part of our lifestyle, health, and well-being. The elements, textures, and look and feel of a space can act as influential factors for regulating our mood and state of mind. Therefore, infusing the goodness of natural environments into the built environment has become a powerful trend in the interior design industry. 

Built spaces are thus designed to imbibe the fabric of nature through biophilic elements like earthy tones, and textures, harnessing natural light and incorporating the calm and tranquil qualities of the natural outdoors into the indoors.

Here’s a cohesive list of products that will help you add a natural touch to your spaces. Let’s check this out:

The Cotto Colonial range of flooring tiles from Porcelanosa has the look and feel of natural sand and soil. This terracotta effect floor tile adds a natural and raw atmosphere to any space. With its porcelain texture and warm pastel shade, it evokes a sense of walking on the earth creating an earthy vibe around. The warm hues create an ‘out in nature’ feeling that is reminiscent of the hill and the vineyards.

The Traceless collection is a convenient and long-lasting choice that offers a range of chic matte neutral finishes. These neutral shades are a fantastic way to bring a modern and timeless feel to any room. While the matte look provides a sophisticated, understated touch, the velvety touch resembles the feel of natural vegetation, and the seamless neutral shades resemble the seamless elements of nature like the sky and the water. This range of your interiors will act as a perfect backdrop to biophilic elements in your interiors.

Kvisten by FAGERHULT is a sustainable suspended workplace light fixture that prioritizes environmental responsibility. Its wooden frame, recycled reflectors, and minimal use of plastic result in a composition that consists of 77% recycled or renewable materials. Additionally, it delivers excellent operational efficiency and optimal lighting experience. The wooden body helps add a visual feel of being in the woods, amalgamating the ambiance of the natural environment into the built space.

These wall claddings by VD Werkstätten add a tinge of a rustic look to the space. With a combination of real wood veneers and rough undulating textures resembling natural wood, these panels are perfect to add a sense of natural wilderness to the indoor space. ANTIKWOOD by VD Werkstätten is thus used for wall backdrops giving you a feeling of living amidst the woods. 

This European-oak engineered flooring range provides a perfect base to set up an open nature-inspired space. Its hand-hewn texture with shades of beige and oil finish gives the look of real timber as well as of stone to the space. This inculcates an ‘out in the open’ organic and antique vibe to the space.

The Iron Corten model from the Iron Collection is a vibrant addition to any space, imbued with the warmth of red oxide. This model, like all others in the collection, exudes personality and retains its integrity over time. This finish resembles the imagery of natural oxidation, a natural process prevalent in nature thereby imparting an aged, gritty, and earthy identity to the design vocabulary of the space.

Polysafe Wood fx is a top-of-the-line decorative safety vinyl flooring option that offers both exceptional slip resistance and long-lasting durability. With realistic interpretations of popular wood designs, the range helps you add a piece of nature to your interiors. Moreover, this is a 100% recyclable, Low VOC range making it sustainable and natural in the true sense.-up charge.

Aqua Glazed Movable Walls, Milano by Kaprel help blur the boundaries between the interiors and the exteriors. Through its design, it evokes the idea of bringing the natural outdoors into the interiors, thereby breaking the barriers through its transparent qualities. These glazed doors are a part of the Milano collection and the beauty of the design is its flexibility in terms of framing. It can be framed with pivot as well as sliding options, helping you to have more realistic access to nature!

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