Talking Walls: Reimagining the Bathroom Experience

Casa Milano, in partnership with Love That Design and Intelier, is proud to present the ultimate bathroom design challenge, “Talking Walls: Reimagining the Bathroom Experience.”  This one-of-a-kind competition brings together six talented teams of interior designers to compete and create groundbreaking bathroom designs that revolutionise the way we perceive and interact with our most intimate spaces.

The six participating teams – Bishop Design, Ele Interior Design, Kristina Zanic, LW Design Group, Designsmith, and CK Architecture – will each draw inspiration from a randomly chosen word – COSY, VIBRANT, HARMONIOUS, GROUNDED, TIMELESS, or BOLD – to develop a unique design concept that reimagines the bathroom experience. Mentored by senior professionals, each team will have two weeks to develop their initial design concept before presenting it in their studios.

The competition aims to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, transforming ordinary bathrooms into extraordinary masterpieces. As Azhar Sajan, Director at Casa Milano, explains, “We wanted to give younger designers the chance to work with their senior colleagues and not only design, but also see their ideas being built as mockups and showcased at one of the most influential design exhibitions in the UAE. The aim of this competition is to inspire designers to create a space that’s not only functional but also sustainable and visually stunning. We want to challenge the traditional notions of what a bathroom should look like and encourage designers to think outside the box, and reimagine the bathroom experience in a way that’s both practical and beautiful.”

With exclusive access to Love That Design’s platform, the competing teams will utilise premium resources, materials, and product information from participating brands such as Ideal Standard, Casa Milano, Vado, Devon Devon, Maison Valentina, Terzofoco, Italgraniti, Cerrad, Techlam, Energiker, Tonino Lamborghini, Roberto Cavalli, Casa Milano Tiles, and Corian. In addition, the accessories will be provided by Casa Milano and Danube Home.

Each month from May until November, Casa Milano will bring each design concept to life by building it as a mockup. The six design concepts will be captured on camera by Intelier and revealed one at a time on Love That Design’s website. All six mockups will be showcased to the public at the Downtown Design fair, giving design teams and visitors alike the chance to experience the designs firsthand. The competition will culminate in a final showcase during Dubai Design Week in November, where the winning design will be announced.

The winning team of four will be awarded a trip to Europe, where they will have the opportunity to explore Spain’s rich tile culture and gain invaluable inspiration from the intersection of tradition and innovation in design.

In addition to the main prize of a trip to Europe, which will be decided by an international jury, “Talking Walls: Reimagining the Bathroom Experience” will also feature several other awards. The Public Vote Award, the Most Sustainable Design Award, and the Best Presentation Award, presented by Intelier and Love That Design, will provide further opportunities for recognition and celebration of outstanding design achievements.

Stay tuned for monthly updates, exclusive insights, interviews, and behind-the-scenes content as we follow the progress of each team and witness the incredible transformation of ordinary bathrooms into true works of art. 

The Talking Walls Design Competition promises to be a thrilling ride for all design enthusiasts – let the challenge begin!

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