Curated Collections – Part 04

For this week’s product picks, we’re focused on minimal design. As they say, less is more. Those that learn from the minimalism school of thought, in regards to design, prioritize simplicity, clean lines, and a simple, often monochromatic palette of colour. When done right, with reasonable amounts of colour to pop, the results can be truly amazing. 

Canova Wood

Curated Collections - Part 04

This simple and elegant chair combines soft lines and colours in a sleek and  fashionable manner. The contemporary design is produced in recycled plastic from post-consumer material. However, the seat is available in ash wood, providing a more elegant alternative than the classic upholstered one.


Curated Collections - Part 04

Woven Image’s array isn’t one single panel but a fully scalable acoustic ceiling system that accommodates their 12mm and 24mm EchoPanel® baffles. You choose from their beautifully crafted baffles, or with their team to create your own custom design.

Superplan ZERO

Curated Collections - Part 04

Kaldewei is an impressive floor-level masterpiece made of sustainable steel enamel. This shower tray has step-free access and extremely precise corner radii allowing the shower surface to shine alongside the tiles. A standing area is wide and welcoming, with a barely perceptible slope and the waste close to the wall to guarantee a more than comfortable shower experience. 


Curated Collections - Part 04

Engineered stone is objectively an impressive feat of science, but Cosentino takes it to the next level. It takes design, sustainability, and innovation to new heights with marbled colours developed with HybriQ+ technology.

PROSYS™ Installation Systems

Curated Collections - Part 04

Make life easier with ProSys™ – a  complete installation solution for all washroom fixtures – toilets, bidets, basins, urinals and showers. Easy to install and configure solutions for both solid and dry wall applications are available within the collection. 

Woven Gradience

Curated Collections - Part 04

Few carpet tile collections blend colors as well as Woven Gradience. The patterns and colors are relaxing and uplifting at the same time. Vivid roses meld seamlessly with calming emerald hues. Rich terracotta beautifully gives way to a pleasant aquamarine. Each hue is based on rich calming gray tones that allow you to connect spaces and create bespoke zones for the users of the spaces. As expected from Interface, the collection is carbon neutral throughout its entire life cycle.

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