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Avocado Dreams: The IT-Pieces of the Kaldewei collection by Designer Bethan Laura Wood

Avocado Dreams: The IT-Pieces of the Kaldewei collection by Designer Bethan Laura Wood

Like a Sculpture Made of Steel Enamel – Kaldewei Presents the Oyo Duo by Stefan Diez

KALDEWEI is a guest of the “Design Forever” exhibition of Elle Décor Italia at this year’s Fuorisalone from June 7 to 12 in Milan

On the Way to Climate Neutrality

On the Way to Climate Neutrality For the bathroom manufacturer Kaldewei, sustainability has been a central theme throughout the company’s 100-year history. This is underscored not only by the fight against plastic in the bathroom and the p...




Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG
Beckumer Straße 33-35 59229 Ahlen

KALDEWEI – your worldwide partner for iconic bathroom solutions shaped from superior steel enamel. KALDEWEI is a German family-run business that has now been devoted to its material, steel enamel, for over 100 years and four generations. The extensive range of luxstainable bathtubs, shower surfaces and washbasins is ideally suited to the demands of the hospitality and residential industry delivering an increased level of health and wellbeing awareness for your project.

The smooth, non-porous glass surface not only gives you security against germs and dirt but is also the material of the future. KALDEWEI steel enamel is made of 100% natural materials and when it comes to the end of their long useful life they can be 100% recyclable. The premium manufacturer is thus making a major contribution to eco-friendly building. KALDEWEI is also a long-term partner of the WWF marine conservation programme that is devoted to reducing plastic waste in our oceans. Because it takes its responsibility to the environment and future generations seriously.

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Regional Representative Middle East & Africa – Franz Kaldewei GmbH & Co. KG

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