Design-forward Washbasins

Believe it or not, wash basins can be stylish. We’ve moved on the from standard round and white basin to contemporary, stylish, and elegant designs that stand out and add some character to your bathrooms. If you’re wondering how that’s possible, then check out the list we’ve put together. 

Inspired by 20th mid-century modern styles, Terri Pecora in collaboration with Design Studio VitrA to offer the feeling of a vintage living room. In an interesting twist, the team includes light and airy furniture with bathroom fixtures to bring a sense of home and belonging.

Another mid-century modern styles makes this list. Only this time, the wash basin brings in a retro look to give us a truly versatile design with the ability to suit any taste. With a throwback to the 1950s, this ergonomic design tastefully blends with natural materials, such as steel and wood.

This is a range of washbasins, made possible through Diamatec® – a new material that was developed using a unique blend of alumina and chamotte. The Ultra-thin ceramic technology is characterized by a sensual expression that makes them unique in their simplicity. Ideal Standard offers different shapes combined with a revisited colour palette harking back to their historical colours.

This elegant rectangular washbasin in a classically minimalist design has reduced precise edges and very generous interior dimensions. It’s design is immortalised in long-lasting KALDEWEI steel enamel that harmonises perfectly with the PURO bath series designed by Anke Salomon.

This simple wall hung basin has Grohe’s PureGuard anti-scale coating and anti-bacterial glazing, and comes in a simple white finish for that subtle yet stylish look.

This contemporary washbasin comes without an overflow, has shelf space at the right, offered with a white or KeraTect special glazedesign.

Veil from Kohler

Kohlers eschews the cold minimal and straight lines for a warmer and softer look with Veil. This  collection from Kohler carries a modern vibe with elements of warmth threaded throughout. It makes full use of gentle lines and sculpted asymmetrical shapes while boasting the signature Supramic technology thin walls, offering an elegant and visually delicate aesthetic.

Ohtake from Roca

Few people appreciate how perfectly designed an egg is. Brazilian architect Ruy Ohtake used elements of nature – wave curves, the ever-changing line of the horizon and the purest form of design, the egg – as an inspiration to create this unique collection of washbasins for Roca. The organic gentle lines and timeless design make it a beautiful addition to any bathroom.

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