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2020 Building – Al Quoz 3 Plot 27 Showroom No: 7 Sheikh Zayed Road
United Arab Emirates

VitrA is the only brand in global markets offering every component of the bathroom. Applying design intelligence to the total bathroom concept, it creates inspiring bathrooms in a wide range of choices, complete to the smallest detail. Developing innovative products for unique bathroom experiences and an extensive range of tiles for a world where needs and tastes are growing ever closer, and ever more singular at the same time, with an unshakable commitment to sustainability. 

These are some of the main reasons for VitrA’s rising success as an exciting brand across the world. Intending to be a universal fountainhead of inspiration for the most demanding professionals: Architects, Designers, Hotel Operators and end users. VitrA addresses fundamental human needs as it blends extraordinary design concepts with cutting-edge technology to enhance contemporary urban living. 

VitrA supplies millions of pieces of ceramic sanitary ware each year to over 75 countries on five continents, accompanied by matching series of bathroom furniture, bathtubs, taps and accessories. Its annual production rate of 30,000,000 m2 makes VitrA a leading European manufacturer of ceramic and porcelain tiles for walls and floors. The brand includes select lines intended for residential use in addition to an extensive range of professional series designed for hospitality and commercial establishments.

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Team members:

Regional Specification & Architect Relations Manager

Christele Barakat

Regional Specification & Architect Relations Manager - Middle East & Africa

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