Bathroom: Curves & Colours

Bathroom design can go up multiple notches when infused with curved elements and pieces and a subtle pop of colour. Once this is done, it looks like a thoughtful work of art—and that would intrigue anyone! So, here goes. Let’s explore a curated selection of aesthetic sanitaryware and bath fixtures that redefine the modern bathroom experience and inspire designers to infuse their projects with elegance, depth, sophistication, and personality.

The toilet of the 21st century.

Eir redefines the modern toilet experience and allows optimal space utilisation due to its elongated shape. Crafted to make a statement in any bathroom, its sleek, tankless, and skirtless design wows many. Equipped with features like a heated seat, customisable cleansing, nightlight, hands-free opening/closing, automatic dual flush and a touchscreen remote, it takes your bathroom design game to the next level. Available in various trim finishes, it’s the ultimate statement piece for any contemporary bathroom.

As versatile as it gets.

Minta has a unique characteristic—it can seamlessly blend with diverse design styles, such as industrial, contemporary, and minimalistic. A deck-mounted washbasin tap with a swivel tubular spout, it has a 360-degree swivel area and offers hassle-free installation. Its raw brushed hard graphite finish adds to the sophistication of its design. Minta is where style meets unmatched performance – a no-brainer for any designer.

A matt black beauty.

Image from AXOR One Collection

Axor One, a three-hole basin mixer, epitomises innovation in bathroom design. It offers exceptional user comfort with expanded elbow room. It integrates AirPower technology, which infuses air into the flowing water for fewer splashes, making it soothing on the skin. With EcoSmart technology for water and energy conservation, it’s both luxurious and eco-conscious. Designers can leverage its sleek design and advanced features to enhance bath spaces with minimal aesthetics and contrast-colour play, adding elegance and modernity.

Inspired by the beauty of water.

Tecturis S isn’t just a basin mixer; it’s a testament to exquisite design. Its bespoke craftsmanship ensures a flawless addition to any bathroom. With the choice of simple-side operation or a front-edge button option, it seamlessly marries functionality with elegance. TecturisS incorporates EcoSmart+ and CoolStart technologies that not only save energy and water but also reduce CO2 emissions and costs. Tecturis S offers an awe-worthy upgrade to any bathroom and has four captivating colour options.

The makeover for any bath space.

Ideal Standard’s Bath and Shower Mixer, from the Ceraline collection, epitomises timeless elegance with its iconic cylindrical design. It offers easy installation and optimal performance, ideal for modern spaces, making it a practical choice for new projects or renovations. Integrate the Ceraline Bath and Shower Mixer to introduce graceful curves and subtle hints of colour to bath spaces. Its classic yet versatile design effortlessly enhances the aesthetic, allowing designers multiple possibilities to weave a story.

Just like a spotlight.

The Liquid Monoblock Washbasin isn’t just a fixture; it’s a canvas for your design concept. With its stunning white hue and sleek contours, this washbasin is a like a sculpture, radiating modern elegance in any bathroom setting. Its monoblock construction and minimalist design add to its allure, allowing it to blend with any style seamlessly. Pair it with sleek fixtures and neutral tones to create a luxurious bathroom that bursts with colour and character, making it the space’s focal point.

The only plan a bathroom needs.

Image from Plan Blue Collection

This concealed basin mixer impresses with its no-frills design. Featuring a mixing cartridge with ceramic sealing gaskets and temperature control, it ensures reliability and durability. It is adjustable for personalised water flow and has a flow rate of 5 l/min, offering both efficiency and comfort. Available in various finishes, designers can pair it with vibrant tiles or decorative accents to create a dynamic and inviting bathroom space.

A style that inspires. 

ELEGANZA is a wish granted for every designer because of its finely textured, durable visual that stays whiter and brighter for longer. It complements the floor, furniture, walls and other design elements quite well, helping them pop. With Class A acoustical absorption and resistance to surface pollution, it’s ideal for spaces like restaurants, offices, and retail stores. ELEGANZA empowers designers to create stunning environments, enhancing longevity and aesthetics effortlessly.

It’s all in the details.

Add a touch of elegance to any bath space with Sigma50. Crafted from the exquisite combination of brass and black walnut wood, it radiates sophistication and quality craftsmanship. The subtle gold accents introduce a touch of luxury, enhancing the space’s allure. With customisable overlays and a range of colour and frame options, designers can effortlessly tailor Sigma50 to complement any design style, ensuring a truly interesting bathroom experience.

Like on cloud nine.

The RAK-Cloud Free Standing Bathtub embodies the essence of fluidity and sophistication, inspired by geometric swirls and ever-changing cloud shapes. Crafted in collaboration with Italian designer Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà, this bathtub offers a captivating blend of form and function. Its sleek design and soft curves create a welcoming ambience, while its free-standing nature adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom space. Complement it with neutral tones and minimalistic fixtures.

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