Embracing Vision and Ambition: VitrA Bathrooms in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

VitrA sets itself apart as a visionary leader in the industry as the only brand in global markets offering a complete range of bathroom components. From the grandest of concepts to the minutest of details, VitrA crafts inspiring bathrooms that leave a lasting impression. With VitrA, the mundane becomes magic! And now, this bathroom aficionado has set its sights on the vibrant Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

VitrA draws upon its rich heritage to shape its distinctive identity. The brand seamlessly blends craftsmanship with a modern, eco-innovative approach – and has accrued the status as a global industry leader with the same approach. And there’s no turning back.

Whether it’s contemporary minimalism, classic elegance, or avant-garde luxury, VitrA offers a portfolio that satisfies the discerning tastes of customers globally. The Ross Lovegrove-designed collection draws inspiration from Istanbul’s cultural heritage, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. VitrA Plural evokes a vintage living room feel, creating a welcoming space for shared moments. Equal dares to embrace brave simplicity, balancing diverse needs and desires in a harmonious urban environment. With each collection, VitrA brings a distinct character to bathroom design, allowing individuals to express their individuality and create spaces that resonate with their unique style.

Equal & Plural Collections from VitrA Bathrooms

Beyond aesthetics, the company actively champions sustainable practices. As a brand with perpetual ambition, VitrA recognizes the tremendous potential offered by prospective investors.

The brand has now set its sights on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom is a booming construction epicentre in the Middle East with a vision of welcoming a limited number of 100 million visitors per year. A world of opportunities unfurls with the region’s scope of hospitality, leisure and residential projects. With the latest collections, one in particular with ace designer Tom Dixon, VitrA’s repertoire is up for the challenge.

Touchless Innovations and Sustainability Measures by VitrA

Behind VitrA’s products is a team of talented designers, engineers, and craftsmen. Their dexterity, combined with state-of-the-art facilities and stringent quality control measures, ensures that every VitrA product surpasses expectations in terms of both form and function.

Similarly, VitrA’s commitment to hygiene goes beneath surface-level measures. Their touchless and sensor-based products revolutionise bathroom hygiene, embracing the new normal with a dash of technological flair. Picture a faucet that responds to your presence, a toilet seat that gracefully lifts as you approach, and antibacterial ceramic sanitary ware that keeps germs at bay. With VitrA, the bathroom becomes a haven of cleanliness and convenience.

The 2.5/4 L WC Pan by VitrA is a water-saving solution for bathrooms. With its dual flush system, specifiers can choose between a 2.5-litre or 4-litre flush, resulting in significant water savings of up to 60%. VitrA’s Hygienic Waterless Urinal is an innovative solution that utilises cutting-edge technology eliminating the need for water, resulting in remarkable water savings of up to 150 tonnes annually.

VitrA’s BluEco technology saves up to 60% energy and prevents unnecessary use of hot water with its innovative cartridge design. Even VitrA’s ceramic sanitaryware is manufactured keeping in mind environmental responsibility. With every step the brand ensures to contribute to an exceptional bathroom experience.

VitrA’s range of products adheres to the standards of the Saudi Arabian Market whether it is eco-friendly, water-saving faucets, showers, concealed cisterns with lower flow per flush, or ceramic sanitary ware manufactured with sustainability in mind. All of VitrA products are crafted without compromising the quality and the performance of our products.

Christele Barakat, Manager – Regional Specifications, A&D Relations, Middle East & Africa, VitrA

VitrA x Tom Dixon Collaboration – Redefining Bathroom Design with the LIQUID Collection

In addition to their in-house design masters, VitrA collaborates with renowned designers to create extraordinary collections that push the boundaries of bathroom design. One such collaboration is with the celebrated designer Tom Dixon. Building on the tremendous success of VitrA’s previous launches in prominent design capitals like London, Paris, Milan, and Istanbul, the collaboration saw the launch of the LIQUID collection at the Dubai Design Week in November 2022. 

The LIQUID collection is a complete bathroom solution that is as stunning as it is practical. This curation is all about expressive minimalism! Envision rounded edges, generous shapes, and materials that exude strength and durability. The collection draws inspiration from Victorian roll-top baths and church fonts. The products showcase enduring design elements that stand the test of time and are built to last. Here, beauty doesn’t compromise performance and functionality doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics. This extraordinary collection encompasses a range of basins, taps, showers, toilets, furniture, tiles, and accessories, all meticulously crafted to perfection.

Liquid – VitrA X Tom Dixon

Unparalleled Personalization with the ROOT Collection

Just as no two souls are alike, no two bathrooms should be either. Vitra’s Root Collection celebrates the beauty of personalisation giving you the freedom to create a space that resonates with your personality, your desires, and your dreams. With Root, one can choose from a spectrum of textures, each whispering its own tale of luxury – from sleek and smooth to rich and textured. Select the perfect colour palette, whether it’s a serene oasis of earth tones or a bold symphony of vibrant hues. Personalisation stays at the pinnacle with Root!

Root Collection by VitrA Bathrooms

Embracing the Vision

VitrA’s presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia illuminates the design and architectural landscape, captivating the imagination of architects, designers, and homeowners alike. 

By leveraging its expertise in bathroom design, sustainability and innovation, VitrA aims to play a significant role in the development of Saudi Arabia’s grand visions. Christele affirms their vision, “With growing investors’ interest in the kingdom, and the openness of the leisure and hospitality market as well as the residential developments; KSA is undoubtedly a key market for VitrA.”

Whether it’s the ROOT collection’s style and affordability, the concealed cisterns’ space optimization and functionality, or the LIQUID collection’s appeal, VitrA ensures there’s something for everyone in the bucket.

Equal, Plural and Istanbul from VitrA Bathrooms

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9 August, 2023

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