Spradling®’s Kizuna Collection: Outdoor Fabrics embodying Collaboration and Unity

The Kizuna Collection is an impressive result of Spradling® and Citel® innovative collaboration. With three distinct designs in more than 35 colour ways, it’s crafted to elevate and, at times, rival the innate beauty of the great outdoors.

The quintessential Kizuna Collection is more than just an outdoor fabric backed by two renowned names in the design industry. It serves as a testament to the idea that collaborative efforts have the potential to propel an entire industry forward, paving the way for innovation and progress.

Before discussing the fabric, it’s important to take a breath and dive into the philosophy it embodies. Kizuna is a Japanese concept roughly translated into ‘connecting with others’. The intricate, written kanji characters that compose this word unfurl a deeper narrative – depicting an interconnected rope or thread in its first part. The second part, which stands for ‘half,’ signifies the harmonious union of two halves. 

It is a metaphor for the sublime creation emerging from the fusion of Spradling®’s seasoned market experience and Citel®’s mastery of material production. It also pioneers a collaborative venture for the first time within Spradling®’s illustrious portfolio. Built for the outdoors, the fabric offers three designs in a diverse colour palette of 35 shades. Reversible and resistant, there is more to Kizuna than what meets the eye.

The Genesis

Spradling®, a distinguished leader in European coated fabrics, envisioned a trajectory that transcended its own accomplishments. In this pursuit, the alliance with Citel®, a venerable name rooted in the craftsmanship of manufacturing technical outdoor fabrics since 1875, aligned with Spradling®’s commitment to quality, design, and service. Following these synchronised efforts, Kizuna emerged as a testament to innovation, creativity, and an insightful understanding of global customer needs and wants.

“Kizuna beautifully exemplifies the extraordinary achievements born from collaborative endeavours, embodying the strength and resilience inherent in a united pursuit of shared goals. We aim to demonstrate to our customers that innovation is a constant pursuit at Spradling® and this is an initial foray into that direction.”

Natalia Cortés, Marketing Manager, Spradling®

Unveiling Kizuna: A Closer Look

Spradling® introduces a groundbreaking departure in material composition with its latest product. This innovative creation marks the fusion of coated polyester (71%) and solution-dyed acrylic (29%), establishing a unique blend designed to ensure unparalleled durability and resistance in outdoor environments.

Kizuna’s three designs – Checker, Artisan, and Tweed find a muse in nature. Checker is all about minimalism and simplicity with a linear pattern in a nature-inspired rustic allure. Artisan brings forth the heritage of age-old crafts that have been skillfully passed down through the generations. It harmoniously blends modernity with tradition, casting a reflective palette of vibrant and earthy hues that effortlessly transport one through the corridors of time.

“Inspired by the timeless Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetics, the Kizuna Collection celebrates the beauty of imperfection and impermanence. It embraces the nuances of the natural world and flows with its irregularities and asymmetry to create a distinctive product.

Natalia Cortés, Marketing Manager, Spradling®

Meanwhile, Tweed emerges as a singular burst of contemporary brilliance, unveiling a mesmerising twill-woven fabric that captivates the senses with its enchanting diversity. Each creation within this collection serves as a testament to the seamless interplay of timeless elegance and innovative design, offering a journey into the intersection of tradition and modernity. What adds to its shine is a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from in shades and hues of white, green, black, yellow, blue, and grey, along with its reversible nature that allows more freedom for designers to create a customised narrative.

What It Holds for the Fascinating Middle East

Apart from how it looks and feels, the collection comes packed with innovative technologies that enhance its functionality. Its unique capacity to remain cool, coupled with exceptional thermal stability, renders it impeccably suited for the scorching climates of the Middle East. Remarkably lightweight, water-repellent, breathable, machine washable and quick-drying, this fabric emerges as the smart choice for outdoor applications. 

In summary, outdoor porches for restaurants do not need to sacrifice on compelling looks anymore, and hotel balconies can now sport the most cosy and chic set-ups. Plush and supple, Kizuna’s quality shall prevail even in the Middle East’s scorching heat.

The Kizuna Collection is an excellent option for outdoor upholstery in hot climates. Even in elevated temperatures, Kizuna offers comfort for the end-user.

Natalia Cortés, Marketing Manager, Spradling®

Its performance attributes, asymmetry and natural tones can help designers capitalise on its visual allure in any outdoor space and engage in the interplay of shadow and light to create a masterpiece.  Kizuna opens up new avenues in the evolving landscape of outdoor design by addressing practical concerns in outdoor upholstery and empowering designers by offering a blend of durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

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12 January, 2024


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