Spradling’s commitment is providing protection and high design by offering upholstery solutions for your sophisticated creations. Due to our developments in new technologies relating to finishes and treatments, our Coated Fabrics meet the most rigorous technical standards evaluating fire resistance, anti-virus, anti-microbial and anti-stain properties, UV protection, impermeability, high abrasion resistance, and easy-to-clean qualities.

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We are a global company acting as a local partner. Through our local agent based in Dubai, we can be close to the region and attend the market needs. We also ensure the availability of our products, servicing the Middle East market directly from our warehouse located in Spain (Barcelona). Besides, we count with a more extensive distribution network supported by our offices in Germany (Hamburg) and the UK (Didcot).

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The most stringent technical requirements are also satisfied to make MAGLIA™ a perfect choice for Contract and Marine applications. Fire Resistant Certified, with impermeable properties and being PHTHALATE-FREE, turns this Coated Fabric into a high-quality solution for covering sophisticated furniture innovations.

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